#500 – 500 Post Retrospective No.1 – Urbex

Well it’s taken 11 years, but I’ve finally reached number 500!

I’m conscious that I don’t post as often as I used to, primarily because I’m not as prolific a photographer as I used to be which means I’ve less to post. In fairness, my life has changed over the past 11 years (I’ve married, had a daughter, turned 40, progressed in my day job career, etc) and I have less time to devote to exploring new places. But the interest is still there!

I always worry that I’ll have nothing to post next, but I’ve been worrying about this for 11 years and 500 posts! And the stuff that I have posted up in that period was stuff I’d never heard of or comprehended back in 2007, so doubtless the stuff I will post in the next 500 will be stuff that is outside my current consciousness! Or I could maybe just rehash the last 500…….

Anyway, I thought I’d do a series of posts with a ‘best of theme’, so lets start off as I started the blog with a spot of urbex.

Onwards to 1000!



Accrington Conservative Club 2a

Accrington Conservative Club (2007) – a magnificent, oversized former Conservative club  / nightclub that had sat derelict for years, it was the subject of various attempts at restoration but hampered by ownership disputes and doubtless the sheer size of the place in a small fading Lancashire town. The impasse was resolved when, sadly, the place burned down one night.




Bailey Mill (2007) – a grand old Saddleworth Mill, unused for several years and full of all sorts of old paraphernalia, then I stumbled across a room full of carding engines in the pitch black basement. Sadly, this place also succumbed to arson.

Fletchers 6226bw.jpg




Fletchers (2007) – an old paper mill that had been frozen in time for several years since the workforce had all been laid off. As far as I know it’s still the same.





Pyestock (2007) – an epic place that I spent a full day exploring and didn’t even see half of. It’s been completely demolished now.

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  1. Great stuff & congrats on the 500. Carry on that man.

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    1. andy says:

      Thank you Graham. I’ll keep on going until I run out of stuff to post!

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