#501 – 500 Post Retrospective No.2 – More Urbex

Urbex has always been a means to an end, rather than an end in itself for me. My interest is in the industrial landscape which is why the overwhelming majority of the places I’ve seen have been industrial with the odd non-industrial place thrown in because the opportunity presented itself. I make no apologies for this, there are plenty hundreds of other people out there exploring hospitals and asylums on the internet, and I can’t relate to those places.

Although I’ve been mooching round old buildings for years, I guess the start of my serious photography of these places started in 2007 which is when I started theviewfromthenorth.org to show the world. At the time, the 28dayslater forum was at the height of its infamy and there were many places around worth exploring that weren’t terribly secure. I visited as many as I could before my life started getting busier and security got tighter.

I’m less active than I was but have never been averse to asking for permission to visit somewhere – I’m not doing this for shits and giggles, I’m not interested in breaking into places (and have never done so) but I am interested in the place itself.

So here’s a second selection of places I’ve visited over the past eleven years, some with permission, some without. And yes, there’s a few non-industrial places in here as well.

A second selection of places………




Ivy Bank Mill (2008) – a fascinating explore of a complete death trap. Strangely photogenic, I even revisited this place before it eventually succumbed to the bulldozers.



Thorpe Marsh (2010) – the power station was long gone, but these massive cooling towers had been left standing and dominated the flat rural landscape around Doncaster. The day I visited started off foggy which gave a really eerie feel to the day, and this made for some nice photographs. The site has now been completely cleared.



Fernhurst Mill (2010) – visited after demolition had started and there really wasn’t much to see. But you can’t beat a big old mill.



London Road Fire Station (2016) – the holy grail – being paid to take photographs of somewhere you’d happily have done for nowt! This was a commission as part of the launch of the Samsung S7 phone to demonstrate its low light capabilities. London Road is the only place in this post that hasn’t been demolished, although I don’t think much has happened by way of regeneration yet.

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