The View From The North is my main website, and has grown into a project to photograph industry and the industrial landscape of the North of England and North Wales.

What started as a place to put up my photos of urban exploration, railways, rural and urban landscapes, etc, has grown to the point that it is now the Urbex / Industrial Landscapes that dominates, and I’ve had to remove a lot of the other stuff to make room. I don’t know how you gauge the success of websites, but as of January 2015, there has been nearly two and a half million pageviews which is more than I ever thought it’d get.

The industrial landscape is something I have long been interested in, but it has only been my growing proficiency with a camera (and good quality equipment) that has enabled me to photograph it as I have wanted to. I don’t really have any inspirations for the project, but I do enjoy the work of landscape photographer John Davies, social documentary photographer Ian Beesley and the British photo journalists of the 50’s and 60’s collectively known as the ‘Young Meteors’ (Denis Thorpe, Don McCullin, Philip Jones-Griffiths, etc).

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