#396 – Shadows of the North at Helmshore extended for another week!


As there are no plans for using the Hub area of Helmshore Mills for the week commencing 2nd March, I have agreed with the museum to extend the exhibtion by one week. The final day is now 8th March 2015.


#394 – Photographs from Helmshore Exhibition!

DSC_5655Finally – a few snaps from my Shadows of the North exhibition at Helmshore Mills Textile Museum. It’s not the biggest exhibition you’ll see, and on reflection it would have been nice to have had an extra display board to space things out a bit but they only own two. I’m working on bringing it to a couple of more venues in the next 12-18 months which will be great if they come to fruition!

The exhibition will be on until 1st March.












#393 – Shadows of the North Exhibition at Helmshore Textile Museum opens Monday!


The pictures have been delivered to the museum and are now on the wall, and everything is ready to go!

The exhibition will run over the Lancashire half term period, and opens Monday 16th February. It is located in the room between the two mills (rather than the giant exhibiton space on the top floor – I could never fill that!!).

I am hoping to be at the mill on Saturday 21st with a little muscial accompaniment from my friend Graham Dixon of the Lancashire Folk Band ‘Trouble at’ Mill”. Mercifully, I will not be singing but I will be hanging around and am happy to talk about the pictures, websites or anything else!



#384 – Next exhibition – Shadows of the North at Helmshore Mills Textile Museum UPDATED WITH NEW DATE


I am pleased to announce that my next exhibition will open on Monday 22nd 16th February 2015 at Helmshore Mills Textile Museum in Helmshore, near Rossendale in Lancashire.

Shadows of the North is a complement to my Mechanical Landscapes exhibition and focuses on the textile mills of the north of England. It will be slightly larger than my last exhibition and will feature around 20 monochrome photographs of the mills and their contents.

The exhibition will only run for two weeks (over the half term period) when the museum reopens for 2015, so there is limited time to see the exhibition. However, I am hoping to show this exhibition at some other venues in the area in the next year or so – announcements will be on here and on Twitter (@mechanicalvista) when I have news!

#376 – Mechanical Landscapes Exhibition moves to Bolton

Through my membership of the Lancashire Monochrome group, I have been invited to display the Mechanical Landscapes exhibition to the clubs permanent gallery space at the Bolton Mercure hotel on the A6 near West Houghton (also known as the Georgian House).

This is fundamentally the same exhibition as that at Ebb and Flo in Chorley, except that the club frames are permanently fixed to the wall and are oriented differently (i.e. 4 portrait and 8 landscape, as opposed to 6 of each like I had previously), so the selection is slightly different. The hotel is less than 5 minutes from Junction 6 of the M61, near the Middlebrook development (i.e. the Reebok Stadium, or Macron as it is now known), so feel free to wander in if you are passing!

I’ve agreed to a bigger exhibition to be held at a larger venue in February 2015 – news coming very soon!!!!

Facebook Event for Mechanical Landscapes


Diane at Ebb and Flo Bookshop has kindly created a Facebook event for my little exhibition. It’s an ongoing event rather than a one off thing, so the ‘join’ aspect is rendered a tad superfluous, but if you are a Facebook user, feel free to join or share or whatever to help spread the word!

Although I have my own Facebook account, I’ve never got round to creating a seperate facebook account for my photography, it’s enough keeping on top of the websites, blog and Tumblr. But never say never…….

#359 – Mechanical Landscapes Gallery Exhibition Now Open!



After too many late nights and a lot of blood sweat and tears, my first exhibition opened today at my local independent bookshop, the delightful Ebb and Flo in Chorley. It’s only 12 framed A3 photographs, but the exhibition space is somewhat small and probably couldn’t take many more, so I’ve gone for quality not quantity.

Better quality photos to come when I take the Nikon with me!

DSCF2336 DSCF2338