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  1. John Griffin says:

    Hi mate would love to go and see that scammell as my dad always took me out in he’s back in the 80s and have loved um ever since and to see one in that wilderness like the pics you took would be amazing as you see a few all done up but there’s something about a place like that and the story of this old lorry that makes it so interesting too me so if you can let me know how to get to it I see it’s in Rossendale but not to sure on where about is it on haslingden Moore!?any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks again

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    1. andy says:

      It’s kind of hard to describe, but there is a Road off Burnley Road East called Shaw Clough Road. Follow this up the side of the old bleachworks and it becomes Coal Pit Lane. Follow this to a sort of crossroads by a farm and take the lane to the right. It’s in a field along there. Hope this helps!


  2. David Sharp says:

    Now then! I was at Hatfield colliery this afternoon (16 June) getting some pics before it finally disappears..Its Saharan condition out there and my pics seem quite like yours! Ive only just happened upon you whilst researching some details ands saw your images..Bloody hell weve got the same shots LOL!
    I am an ex colliery worker at Sharlston Colliery in West Yorkshire. 1974/1985 but got out to join the Prison Service, retiring at 55 a couple of yrs ago and taking up photography again.mostly doing equine stuff. There is a now a link rd passing by the pit so access is easy gained at the back, you will be glad to hear that Russian git and his dog were nowhere to be seen or heard. If you need more come on down park on the link road bridge (on huge unused pavement) and hop over the vehicle barrier!

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    1. andy says:

      Thanks David! I think the link road you mentioned was there when I went last year, access to the wider site was not an issue but getting up close to the headstocks wasn’t going to happen.


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