Reduced price copies of The View From The North 2007-2017 book!


OK, so I’ve bought a few copies of The View From The North 2007-2017 book for sale at my talks, so it makes sense to try and peddle it here as well. If you buy it direct from Blurb it’ll cost £26 (plus 7 quid P&P) but I bought these during a discount offer so I’ve priced them at a nice round £20 (plus 5 quid P&P – it’s quite heavy). Interested? You can review (or purchase) the full book at Blurb here:

The reduced price copies are for sale on my Selz site here:

#473 – Derelict Ship at Glasson Dock 2

In the past, Glasson Dock has been used for ship breaking (and building) occasionally, so it may well be that Merger meets her end where she now lies.

I visited primarily to try out an ND filter, but found that the tide didn’t rise high enough for me to get the pictures I’d envisioned, but at least it’s not too far away for a reshoot the next time a higher tide is forecast.

#472 – Derelict Ship at Glasson Dock 1


I know nothing of this little ship, other than it used to be a dredger based at Glasson Dock. Named ‘Merger’,  internet pictures show it with an excavator positioned near the bow, presumably for clearing the channels of the Lune for the coastal shipping that uses this small Lancashire Port.


It looks like its service has now ended and the ship has been beached just to the west of the port, away from the quay used by the large coasters that are too big to enter the basin.


I don’t know how long she’s been beached, quite a while judging by the condition.


#467 – Return to Grove Rake 2


Something I found on the photographs from last time was that they suffered from the lack of dynamic range of the sensor in my Nikon D70. I did bracket many of the images but not all, and consequently, some of the images were technically lacking, but I like to think I captured the spirit of the place. Since moving to a full frame camera in 2009 I’ve had fewer problems with dynamic range, and now that I’m using a Nikon D810, the problems are even less, especially at lower ISO’s, and I slightly regret not revisiting earlier when the site was more intact.



Taken from a broadly similar viewpoint as last time, you can see how much has changed on this picture.


Scrap. Surprised the traveling community haven’t relocated this.


A small moat is forming round the head frame.



Taken from a broadly similar viewpoint as this from last time, albeit much later in the day, on the way home.

There’s some nice old photos of the mine on here.

Shadows of the North Book – last few copies / free PDF sample

Having sold quite a few of my books recently at my talks and online, I’m down to the last few copies of my self-published book, and I’m considering my options for a reprint.

The safe option is to go back to Blurb, but good though they are, they are ridiculously expensive and I only ever buy off them if I have a discount code. I was fortunate to buy my first batch with a 40% discount code but I’m still barely breaking even on the books so as to keep them at a reasonable price.DSCF2368

The other option is to go to a commercial printers, but I’d need to create a print-ready PDF and I don’t have the capability to do that currently. So I’ll probably go with Blurb again, but the price will be higher than the current £12.99, so if you’d like a copy order one soon!

I have a free pdf sample available for download here:

Book can be bought from my website here:

My recent Urbex shoot for O2 / Samsung

More to come soon, but I’ve recently been commissioned to take some urbex style photos using the awesome new Samsung Galaxy S7.

Here’s the press release from O2:

And a story in the Manchester Evening News:

Finally a gallery of photos on my website of London Road Fire Station:

More to come………

Lancashire Mill Museums under threat – please help!
I recognise that not everyone lives in Lancashire, and may not necessarily be interested in industrial heritage, but our museum service is under threat and the future of both Queen Street Textile Mill Museum and Helmshore Mills museum is uncertain. My Shadows of the North exhibition has been shown in both these museums and I know the venues and the staff well, and it would be a huge loss if they were closed. I recognise that in these times of public services austerity, hard choices have to be made, but I feel that this needs to be shared.

I would very much appreciate it if you could find the time complete the following questionnaire and share on Facebook with your own friends and ask them to complete and share also.
More information on the consultation here: