Andrew Marland ARPS is a Lancashire based photographer specialising in photographing the industrial landscape. A Chartered Engineer by profession, as well as an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, photographing the industrial landscape is a natural fusion of these two interests.

Amateur Photographer, 31st January 2009, 4th June 2011

Urban Realm, Brymbo Ironworks, Summer 2012

Lancashire Magazine, Accrington Conservative Club, January 2014

BBC News Online – March 2014, Backbarrow Ironworks magazine article,

Manchester Evening News – 20th March 2016, London Road Fire Station, print and online editions

Independent, London Road Fire Station – 18th March 2016, http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/art/news/eerie-images-take-a-look-into-britains-forgotten-buildings-a6938836.html

August – October 2014, Ebb and Flo Bookshop, Chorley

October 2014 – January 2015, Georgian House, Bolton

February 2015, Helmshore Mills Textile Museum

June – December 2015, Queen Street Mills Textile Museum

November – December 2017, Saddleworth Museum and Art Gallery

O2 – Samsung Galaxy S7 Launch http://news.o2.co.uk/?press-release=urban-explorer-snaps-eerie-pics-samsung-galaxy-s7-o2 or PDF

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  1. provo7775 says:

    Absolutely love your work. I’m new to photography, train Conductor in Chicago Illinois for my living but throw the camera down after viewing your pictures, I’ve got a lot to learn. Fantastic work!

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    1. andy says:

      Thank you! If you’ve not seen my other blog https://planesboatstrains.wordpress.com then please have a look!


  2. provo7775 says:

    Can’t believe I missed that!
    Thank you very much.

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  3. provo7775 says:

    Oddly enough I begin my trips from Proviso yard, my father was a Conductor for the C&NW railroad , in 1995 when the Union Pacific bought them he stayed on and retired after 41 years.
    I started a little over 12 years ago with the Union Pacific as a brakeman, now Conductor.
    As a child I would go to Proviso train yard with my father to get his paycheck if I was on good behavior which wasn’t often. Years later I’m now following my father’s footsteps although they are big shoes to fill , sadly I’m sure you’re unaware of this the Union Pacific Railroad has implemented a failed policy called “Precision railroading” in which they cut employees to the Bone reroute as many trains as they can all to make as much money as quickly as possible and then abandon the plan when they are finally addressed by the federal government becasuse customers aren’t getting their products and the main lines are jammed up, when they announced over a year ago that they were going to implement precision railroading the UP stock went up 9 billion dollars not a million 9 billion dollars in a single day. Hunter Harrison implemented the same plan with the CP Railroad and then the CSX shortly before his death. The plan doesn’t work of course but what it does do is make alot of money, extremely large sum of quick cash for the shareholders they’re not interested if it works or not because they know it doesn’t. So the Proviso hump is closed as I write this, it was last week that it humped its last car, tracks are empty and only yard 9 and the East End of yard 4 have any cars for now.
    Nobody knows if this is the true end for Proviso but it’s a ghost town so these pictures mean even more if that’s even possible. Thank you for directing me here, big fan of the work you do. Thank you very much!

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