#22 – Photography Podcasts

Photography Podcasts

 There are an increasing number of  Photography related  Podcasts available, and I’ve subscribed to quite a few over the past two years or so. If you’ve got an IPod, you can subscribe to them through ITunes, but I think you can also download them directly from their hosts websites in a lot of instances. These are the ones that I’m subscribed to and have on my IPod.

The Candid Frame

Ibarianex Parello is a California based photographer and photography journalist who I think writes for some of the American photography mags. His podcast is interviews with photographers, some well known (Joel Meyerowitz), others not so well known. A very, very good podcast, with some intelligent questioning of some interesting people. Highly Recommended.

 7 Photography Questions

A somewhat hit and miss podcast from (Dr.) Audri Lanford, although by her own admission she’s not a professional which would account for her very amateurish questioning technique. OK, that’s being harsh, as she interviews a huge selection of guests, and there’s some great information in there.

Folio Podcast

A promising new podcast that has had some really interesting interviews. Still finding its feet and there’s been a few odd technical glitches, but it’s well worth checking out.

Camera Position

Jeff Curto’s long running podcast is more dedicated to the art of photography and rarely touches on the technical side of things. The podcasts are often accompanied by photographs and slides which you can see if you play it in ITunes, and he sometimes produces PDF’s as well. Highly recommended.


Another long running podcast from Brooks Jenson, the editor of Lenswork magazine. It is the most frequent of all the podcasts, sometimes having a few a week, and then nothing for a week or two, and it’s also the shortest, rarely going over 5 minutes. It covers all manner of topics, and is full of wisdom and insight.

Photography Monthly

A ‘roundtable’ style discussion podcast from the staff and contributors to the UK ’s popular Photography Monthly magazine. Very well produced, and possibly slightly gear focussed, but it’s good to hear some British voices, and is quite entertaining.


Another roundtable discussion from two American and two German bloggers. It’s published about every two weeks or so, and is always interesting, topical, and entertaining.

Thoughts On Photography

Paul Giguere’s podcast on living a photographic life. He discusses quite a diverse range of subjects, and also interviews other fine art photographers. Good to hear the thoughts of a dedicated amateur.

Photocast Network Focus Ring

Possibly the original roundtable discussion podcast, not as frequent as it was, and the only one in 2009 was in May. A shame really as it’s a really good podcast, and worth catching up on.


#10 – ARCHIVE JUNE 2009: Blurb Books

I’ve used Blurb several times now, most recently for my City & Guilds Level 3 book, and I’ve been very impressed, certainly with the hardback books.

Blurb are on of a number of ‘Print-On-Demand’ publishers who allow you to self publish a book, with a minimum print run of just 1. And if you want more, just order as many as you want, when you want. And you can also sell your creation through Blurbs own online shop, or via your own website if you have one.
Compared with a lot of the online photolabs who do photobooks, the main benefit is flexibility – you can pretty much do anything you want with your book, and have it look exactly as you want it. So you can use the numerous templates for the pages, or select a blank one and then design and create your pages elsewhere, save them as a jpeg, and them import them in.
I’d strongly recommend going for the premium quality paper as it really makes a difference in my opinion, although it does add to the cost. And unless, you’re in a major hurry, stick with the standard postage – it’s not very quick, but it is cheap. You really pay a premium if you want it quickly!