Shadows of the North Book – last few copies / free PDF sample

Having sold quite a few of my books recently at my talks and online, I’m down to the last few copies of my self-published book, and I’m considering my options for a reprint.

The safe option is to go back to Blurb, but good though they are, they are ridiculously expensive and I only ever buy off them if I have a discount code. I was fortunate to buy my first batch with a 40% discount code but I’m still barely breaking even on the books so as to keep them at a reasonable price.DSCF2368

The other option is to go to a commercial printers, but I’d need to create a print-ready PDF and I don’t have the capability to do that currently. So I’ll probably go with Blurb again, but the price will be higher than the current £12.99, so if you’d like a copy order one soon!

I have a free pdf sample available for download here:

Click to access shadowsofthenorthsample.pdf

Book can be bought from my website here:

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