#562 – Hartford Mill 3

I rarely talk about cameras on this blog. I find photography more interesting than cameras although I do own a few. I regard them as tools in the toolbox and I choose the most appropriate one for whatever / where ever I’m going.

So when I decided to re-visit Hartford Mill a few weeks after my initial visit, I looked outside at the wind and rain and decided that my Nikon D4 would be the right camera to take due to it’s weather sealing. I bought it second hand off a wedding photographer for a project that needed it’s incredible low light auto focussing and although I don’t use it as my primary camera as it’s so damn big and heavy, I’m always impressed when I use it.

And in the driving wind and rain of Oldham in February, it was as reliable as ever and I didn’t need to concern myself with taking it in and out of my bag. The only issue was the big front element of my 24-70 just kept getting covered in rain, even with a big lens hood and keeping the camera facing down when not in use. Fortunately I had my trusty old IPhone 7 on me, and with it’s tiny lens not really attracting the raindrops, I managed to get a few decent snaps.

So one of these pictures is from a full frame Nikon D4, processed in Adobe Lightroom and one from an Iphone processed on the phone in Snapseed. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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  1. I don’t even try to guess which one is taken with which camera, even though first I was thinking that the top one would have been taken by Nikon, but then again it could be the bottom one. The thing is that I don’t have a clue what kind of devices they are in the end you used.

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    1. andy says:

      And that’s the point. Some people obsess over cameras, when in many cases, a basic camera, an old camera or even a phone camera is perfectly adequate. Not in every instance of course as there are any things that they can’t do, but you don’t necessarily need a professional camera. They do make it easier though!

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