#563 – Hartford Mill 4

Last couple from Hartford Mill now, which I’d forgotten about in the fog of the pandemic. Taken from a couple of different perspectives in between gaps in the torrential rain I experienced on the day, the first one was from between the bars of a big steel gate that although locked, kept swinging wildly in the wind, which was no beginning of fun. You don’t realise that the mill is under demolition from this angle, but you do realise the derelict state by not only the lack of windows, but the overgrown, rubble strewn path that I was keen to include in the composition.

I took this from a different angle, and is similar to one I took of the partly demolished Wesley Street Mill in Bamber Bridge a few years back, and shows again the systematic nature of the demolition that deconstructs the building bay by bay, rather than the messy old swinging iron ball I saw bring down the mills in the 1980’s.

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  1. davedecadent says:

    Amazing photos as always, however, I would disagree with your comment about the messy nature of the demolition ball method. In my experience of watching demolition during the 70’s the process was essentially the same but more exciting and spectacular to witness.

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    1. andy says:

      It was certainly more interesting to watch, the uncertainty as to when a floor or wall would eventually succumb to repeated batterings was always quite exciting.

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