#317 – The Last Days of Bamber Bridge (New) Mill – 1

New Mill was a massive local landmark, towering over the main street and neat terraced streets of Bamber Bridge. It could also be seen quite prominently from the M6, and was adjacent to the Blackburn – Preston railway line. You really had to try hard not to see it, as it was the tallest building for miles around.

Conseqently, it became a real eyesore as it became ever more derelict. It’s been decaying for the 10 or so years I’ve lived in the area, and because, unlike areas of Preston, Bolton, Oldham and Burnley were there are mills on every other street, this was the only remaining large mill in the district, it looked very much out of place.

And yet, I never felt the urge to explore it. I had a recce a few years back, but never felt inspired to go back and have a look round. I’d even read some recent reports on 28 Days Later stating that the end was nigh, but still didn’t feel compelled to have a look.

So, I knew what to expect when I pulled up one afternoon in early July, as the demolition workers were on their dinner break. The engine house had gone, and progress was being made on the main mill building, but all was quiet as the crew sat in the sun, reading their papers.




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  1. Eddie Devall says:

    Another giant bites the dust. Its sad that the attrition continues and obviously that we ever lost (erm gave away) the textile industry in the first place.
    In Oldham a start has been made on the demolition of the Royd Mill, which should have never escaped Listing. Pity it couldn’t swap that status with the long term wreck that is Hartford Mill. That will, despite its Listing, probably end up as an emergency demolition job as did the unique Park Road railway warehouse.
    The Royd has one of the last full height chimneys in the OMBC area, and until recently still had one of its original lodges, another rare facility that used to be so common.


    1. andy says:

      There doesn’t seem to be that many of the big textile mills left in the Central Lancashire area, certainly compared with Bolton, Oldham, Burnley, Manchester etc. Architectually, Bamber Bridge Mill was very similar to the big Oldham ones, and other than Centenary Mill and Tulketh Mill, there are few big multi-level spinning mills still standing.

      Trouble is, from a preservation perspective, unless the mill is in good condition and in a decent area, it isn’t going to be converted into apartments or anything, probably why a number have been demilshed in Oldham of late. Even some of the listed ones can be in questionable condition, e.g. Swan Lane in Bolton.


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