#270 – Southampton Panorama


One of the features that I’m really enjoying on the Fuji X10 is the sweep panorama function. You can set this to 120, 180 and 360 degree sweeps, but I do find it a little frustrating to use. As I always do 120 or 180 sweeps, it can be a little hit and miss as to exactly where it will finish, and I sometimes struggle to get the speed of the sweep correct. It basically works by taking lots of overlapping pictures and then stitching them together in camera, an operation that does nothing for the X10’s somewhat lacklustre battery life. It’s a fun feature but it can take some getting used to and to get a half decent image takes some thought.

I’ve found that the camera struggles when there are things in the immediate foreground, and if there is any movement (even more so if there is movement in the foreground). And while turning the camera into portrait position gives a larger image, it also mean the camera takes more images, and therefore takes more time and more battery life to join, as well as giving a less satisfactory result if there is the aforementioned foreground. As an aside, I’ve not yet tried using the function on a tripod, this would certainly make it easier to get a level image, and maintaining a constant speed would also be easier.

The above image is one where it’s worked quite well. I was on a 3 day cruise on the magnificent Grand Princess, and as is normally the case on holidays and weekend breaks, I left my DSLR at home and took a compact. I was quite surprised to see that we were not the only cruise ship in port, there were in fact three others also. The panorama feature was the best way to get all three into the same shot at the same time, and the stitching process appears to have worked seamlessly. A pretty satisfactory result.

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  1. Nicely done, Andy. I’ve tried this function on the X10 a couple of times myself, but was not entirely satisfied with the sharpness of the result. Does save a bit of post-processing effort compared to doing this manully though.


    1. andy says:

      I can’t say I’ve noticed any issues with sharpness, maybe I’m not looking closely enough! Only thing with panoramas is what to do with them once you’ve taken them – they’re too big to print at a realistic enough size to see any detail, but a bugger to view on screen. And even if you do print them, how and where do you store them? So while they’re fun to create, I never really do anything with them once taken!


      1. Perhaps I wasn’t steady enough when I tried! And yes, totally agree with you about the issues of what to do with them.


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