#269 – Mechanical Funscape 2

These images are variations on the same theme as the image in the last post. As before, the black and white treatment has brought out the texture of the slightly corroded, painted surfaces of the steelwork.

By removing the distraction of colour, the shapes are now far more prominent as are things like the repeating pattern of the vertical girders. As the colours in the original were fairly muted and uninspiring, both in the sky and the framework, the straight out fo the camera jpeg was a bit flat, but by going to extremes in the contrast and image becomes a bit more dynamic, maybe even slightly ominous. The curves and diagonals break up the uniformity of the verticals and horizontals, and this disruption creates visual interest.

By leaving the composition uncropped, I’ve deliberately left it slightly unbalanced to create tension. The dominant feature is the girder on the left with the diagonal girders radiating out of it, but the curve sweeping up towards the top right hand corner helps to balance it out. This could manage a crop to the right hand side so that the curve finishes right in the corner, but there would be elements jutting into the frame that would be distracting. In retrospect, I should have framed it with a little more care.

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