#574 – Now Open – The Industrial Tourist Exhibition at Peak District Lead Mining Museum

My Industrial Tourist exhibition is now open at the Peak District Lead Mining Museum in Matlock Bath.

This is my usual mix of mills, mines, steelworks and a dash of transport thrown in (although I’m beginning to think that I will remove those if I have another exhibition). Compared to the last showing of this exhibition, there are more mines included thanks to my recent visits to various places in the UK. I’d like to think it’s a bit more balanced than last time, but depends if you have a preference for one particular subject matter.

You may have noticed that, unlike my previous exhibitions, none of the pictures are framed. This is due to the bulk of the pictures being on display boards which aren’t suitable for frames, so I opted to use bulldog clips as a lightweight alternative, and I continued that onto the large 30×20″ prints on the wall. I’ll admit that this isn’t my preferred way of exhibiting photographs, but in the absence of a practical alternative (and I evaluated quite a few) it’s ended up looking quite good and it has the advantage of being easier to prepare and transport plus it allows more photographs to be shown.

I’d like to thank the museum for inviting me to exhibit here, it’s well worth a visit despite Matlock Bath not being the easiest place to get to from the north west! Any enquiries for future exhibitions are welcome, please contact me to discuss.

The museum can be found on South Parade in Matlock Bath (postcode DE4 3NR) and the exhibition runs until 12th October 2020. Entry to the exhibition is free, but there is a charge if you wish to enter the museum itself.

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  1. Good luck with the exhibition! Looks nice to me.

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    1. andy says:

      Thanks Katriina! It’s a change from the norm, not sure I’d use bulldog clips in future (although I do now own a LOT of them😂) but it’s always an option and does have some advantages.

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      1. Maybe you end up having another exhibition in a place where you cannot use frames, so at least you know now how to do it!

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  2. Matlock Bath is not too far from me in South Yorkshire, so I think I’ll find the time to make a visit. Nice work.

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    1. andy says:

      Thank you, hope you enjoy it!

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