#445 – Samsung Galaxy S7 Shoot – London Road Fire Station, Manchester – 3

Final selection from London Road. Not much else to say really that I haven’t already said. A word or two about the phone – yes, I was being paid to shoot these photographs, but that aside, I was very impressed. The HDR mode was immensely useful in these high contrast conditions, and the screen was fabulous. These photographs have all had some processing in Lightroom and Nik Color Efex to lift them, but the pictures straight out of the phone were more than usable. If I was being fussy, then I’d say that when printed A3 on photo paper you can see a loss of detail, but let’s be honest – how many camera phone pictures are ever printed? The overwhelming majority never even leave the phone other than to be shared on social media.

I used a Joby Griptight mount to fasten the phone to my tripod (which I already owned) and this allowed me to experiment with longer exposures where required, but for the most part, I hand held.


Layers of history


Green door into a green room 


You’d have hoped there wouldn’t be many fires in a fire station, but best to be prepared, yes?


Fireman’s pole20160307_084530-Edit

And from a different angle.


Laundry room I think, looking out onto the modem offices of Manchester on the other side of the street.


4 thoughts on “#445 – Samsung Galaxy S7 Shoot – London Road Fire Station, Manchester – 3

  1. I did my training here in jan – april 1983 and then retired in 2013. These bring back many memories both good a bad. The place did n’t look that much different back then but it is a really atmospheric place to live and work. If you have any more photos I would love to see them. Great shots well done.

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