#274 – Le Havre Panoramas

A belated follow up to the Southampton Panoramas from a few weeks back!

I must admit to being not entirely happy with the composition of either, the top one has nothing at the right hand side to balance out the building and quay on the left, while the lower one has no space to the left of the ships on the left. This was caused by me sweeping from left to right on the top photo, and right to left on the lower one, as you never quite know exactly where the camera will stop recording.

The top photo benefits from a crop (below), as the ship on the right helps to balance the bulky grain elevators on the left, while the ship in the middle gives the eye something to look at as it passs through the image from left to right, and I guess the splash of green on the hull helps.

This one (below)was taken slightly earlier when the ship on the right was nearer to me, and so balances the grain elevator better. Unfortunately this is quite a heavy crop as I hadn’t zoomed the lens in. Compositionally, this is possibly the pick of the bunch.

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