#129 – An Unusual Visitor – Part 2

Just a few more of the River Carrier before it left Preston. I packed a camera and visited the dock on my way into work in the morning, and as expected, I got a nice reflection due to the stillness of the air and the sun being low. Shame about the dockside being on the bottom left hand corner, but I was running out of room to stand, and was in grave danger of falling in the water.

Final one – I called into the docks on the way back from visiting another site only to find the ship leaving. I parked up and ran down to the ‘bullnose’ at the dock entrance, but I’d left my other camera at work, and had to rely on my phone camera again. Oh well. Not sure when we’ll see a ship of this size again in Preston, although they probably said that when the docks shut in 1981, and again when the Manxman left in 1991. So you never know, I suppose.

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