#47 – Panasonic LX3 High Dynamic Mode Part 1

I’ve barely used my LX-3 since I bought it in October, but there again I’ve done virtually no photography whatsoever since then for that matter! A trip over to Teeside to photograph the industrial landscape seemed like a good opportunity to dust it off and explore a little more of what it can do.

One of the many scene modes is ‘High Dynamic’, and I’d tried it once before on a high contrast scene but was disappointed by the amount of ‘halo-ing’, and not bothered with it since. However, for the above photo, I was struggling to get a decent in-camera exposure with my D700, even though I knew I could rescue something in post -processing. So I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to try the high dynamic feature of the LX-3, and I was very impressed. The image above is straight from the camera, whereas the D700 one (below) involved work in Adobe Camera Raw, curves adjustments, and then a boost to the saturation to get this result. One nil to the LX-3!

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