#38 – Panasonic Lumix LX-3 – first impressions

After 2 years of reliable service, I’ve sold my little Fuji F31 and bought a Panasonic Lumix LX-3.

For some time, I’ve wanted a compact with a wider angle lens and the ability to shoot raw files, but the number of compacts that could do both was extremely limited – the Canon G10 / G11, the Ricoh Gr series and the LX-3. The new micro 4/3 cameras looked interesting, but are expensive and a non have wide angles. I discounted the Ricohs as they do not have a zoom lens, and the Canons were too expensive, thus leaving me with a choice of 1.

Initial impressions – it certainly looks stylish in black, and it feels well engineered. The lens zooms and focusses quietly and reasonably quickly, and the screen is large and clear. The wide angle will take some getting used to as I’m used to the 35mm of the Fuji, although 24mm is what I’m used to on the D700. The zoom range is arguably limited at 24-60, but I don’t tend to zoom much anyway, so it’s not a big deal really.

Several interesting features I’m looking forward to trying out – Auto ISO (like on the D700), auto bracketing (great for HDR), Intelligent Exposure Adjustment, and Image stabilisation. I’m also interested in trying out the B & W modes  – being a raw shooter, I’ll be able to see the image on-screen in B & W as I’m composing and still retain the colour in the raw file.

I just need something to go and take pictures of, not easy when I don’t even see daylight these days during the week! Bring on the weekend!

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