#150 – Walking The Dog

‘I’ve been busy of late with work and family, so here’s a photo from a couple of years back. It was taken the morning after the ‘Riverdance’ ferry ran aground at Cleveleys, just north of Blackpool on the Lancashire coast in January 2008. It was a freezing cold day, literally, as strong winds blew icy…

#149 – Accidental Landscapes Part 2

One from a couple of years back when I was on the way back from Grove Rake mine. If memory serves me correctly, this was the road down from Alston into the Eden Valley, and as I drive down the winding road, I was treated to some spectacular views. Unfortunately, there are precious few places…

#148 – Accidental Landscapes Part 1

Landscape photography (of the conventional, natural, attractive type) is something I’ve never got into. Done properly it can be very rewarding and wonderful to look at, however, the photography magazines are full of Cornish / Waite / Prior pastiches, or what I call 10-20 coastal landscapes, i.e. something prominent in the foreground, colourful background, maybe a…

#72 – Abstract 2

Another one from the Sydney Opera House. I was truly fascinated with this building, and it was as interesting inside as it was outside. In fact, I’d say that it was more interesting to shoot the small details of the place than it was the whole (apart from at night).

#71 – Abstract 1

An interior view of one of the most famous buildings in the world – the Sydney Opera House. The above may make a bit more sense when put into a larger context (below) Recognise it? No? Perhaps not surprising, as most photographs you see are of the spectacular exterior, but the interior is just as interesting,…

#28 – Inside Looking Out (2)

Three Windows.  Sometimes, things in three’s just work better. I’m sure there’s a link between the composition of this picture and that rule of thirds thing.

#27 – Inside Looking Out (1)

Prestolite. One of the few times I’ve had any success with a single image HDR. I still think it’s a bit overdone though,  just haven’t got round to going back and toning it down.