#595 – A Return to Hartford Mill 1

I thought that Hartford Mill had been erased from the landscape in the weeks after my visit in February 2020, turns out it hadn’t. A contact of mine who lives about 5 minutes away from it had posted a picture similar to the above on Flickr later on in 2020, but I assumed that demolition had been halted due to the lockdown and would resume ASAP so that the site could be housed over ASAP. And as I don’t live locally, it’s not a place I tend to go to unless I have to. So I was surprised when I saw some photos on Flickr from another contact of demolition underway again, and when I enquired when they were taken, they replied ‘yesterday’. So it seemed prudent to go and have a look.

For reasons that are unclear, work had stopped again, it appeared that the demolition was of just one wall that I assume was unsafe (why they left it standing in the first place is also unclear). But with a large amount of demolition equipment on site – including high reach machines – I guess the end is near.

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