#321 – The Last Days Of Bamber Bridge (New) Mill – 5

Once I’d got the main photos, I tried a few more experimental ones. I like to try to get different perspectives in an attempt to tell a bigger story, and the flexibility of a 14x zoom enabled me to do this easily.

These are variations of one I took at Fernhurst Mill a few years back, unfortunately that mill was closer to the path (and the sign) than at Bamber Bridge so the impact is less.


A fairly straightforward zoom into the tower, some nice architectural details on display.


The view across the school fields, achieved by poking the lens barrel through the fencing, not something I could do with my SLR. I think this view emphasises the slicing up of the mill, demolishing it a bay at a time.


And from a similar position but zoomed in as far as I could. I like this composition because it emphasises the abruptness of the demolition process, but also its systematic nature. It’s kind of back to where I started off this series in describing the contrast between the unsophisticated nature of swinging a big iron ball to the mechanical dismantling using a high reach excavator and shears.


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