#606 – An updated typology

My last update to the typology was a 3×3 grid as can be seen in this post back in April, or if you can’t be bothered reading that, see below for just the picture.

I’ve decided to go with a three row format which means that the total number of images must be divisible by 3 i.e. 9, 12, 15, 18, etc otherwise I’d have a column with one or two photographs and an empty space which would look crap. So, although I’ve photographed Meadowbank Salt Mine since my last update, I’ve not been able to update it.

However, my visit to Woodhorn Colliery where there are two headgears has meant that I’ve now got 13 images so I’ve put the Woodhorn ones in and left the tandem structure at Snibston out as it’s very different to the others. I’ll include it at some point once I have some more oddballs as this project is not about producing a typlogy of similar structures, but of producing one to show what is left and the diversity of them.

I’ve also done a bit of a re-shuffle. I’ve not figured out if the Becher’s had any kind of logic or system to sequencing their typologies or whether they just shuffled pictures around until it looked right. My personal method is to just move things around until it sort of works, which is harder than it sounds.

In the short / medium term I’ll continue to add columns to the typology when I have enough images, but there will get to a point where they images will appear smaller and smaller as I add more and more. At some point – assuming I get enough photographs – I will create two smaller typologies. There simply aren’t enough headgears left in the UK to do a book of them, but I might do a zine at some point.

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  1. Clive Hollingworth says:

    Hi Andy,
    Personally I prefer the overall picture as 3 horizontal rows. It appears more natural to view anything side to side rather than up and down and should you decide to print it would make hanging to view simpler, unless of course you decide to make it into wallpaper!!

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