#509 – 500 Post Retrospective – More Railways

More from the East Lancs Railway, this time they are all from the works and yard at Buckley Wells in Bury. It’s not normally accessible unless you work there, but is sometimes open for group visits or for photographic night shoots which is where all these were taken.

dsc_6500-edit bw2

60163 Tornado, 24th October 2010


70013 Oliver Cromwell, 19th February 2010


44871, 19th February 2010


Possibly 3855? 19th February 2010


71000 Duke of Gloucester, 80098 and unknown engine, 20th February 2009

The following were all taken prior to a night shoot and are all ‘real’, ie. they are not re-enactors, they were taken at the end of the day and the engines were being put to bed for the night, so to speak. As a consequence, light levels were low so they were taken at a high ISO, slow shutter speed and a steady hand!

ELR Nightshoot 9498

ELR Nightshoot 9522ELR Nightshoot 9508

ELR Nightshoot 9506

ELR Nightshoot 9500

Various engines, 22nd November 2011

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  1. Keith Miller says:

    Powerful images – brilliant, thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. andy says:

      Thanks Keith.


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