#600 – The Art of the Panorama Part 4 – Scunthorpe

A panorama crop is ideal here – the scale of the place lends itself well to a wider aspect ratio, but join up panoramas are impossible due to being on a moving train!

I must admit that I didn’t take many of these with a panorama in mind, but some just suited a panoramic crop. I also tried cropping photographs where the subject matter was maybe in the middle distance, which I’d not normally do.

There’s no standout images here, cropping was a convenient way of removing unnecessary foreground and sky. Plus there were one or two where the shutter speed was too low and so I ended up with a blurred foreground where it was close to the train.

Click on any of the images for a full screen view.

Site of the former Plate Mill, now a weed strewn landscape

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