#581 – Industrial Tourism – Scunthorpe 2

One of the key ingredients required for iron making is coke. Huge quantities are required and a constant supply is made on site at the coke ovens. The site has two coking plants (Appleby and Dawes Lane), but only the Appleby plant – the oldest, ironically – is used now.

The pungent smells and ancient structures had the air of something from another era, and the crumbling concrete structures reminded me of the remains of Beckton Gas Works that were used as a backdrop in Full Metal Jacket.

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  1. kevinallan says:

    I love photos of these industrial sites, and you’re the master of the genre. Thanks for sharing

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    1. andy says:

      Thanks for the compliment Kevin, and I’m glad you enjoy the photographs! I feel that I’m still learning and adapting and trying things out, so although I certainly aspire to mastery, I’m not sure I consider myself a master, but I do appreciate the compliment nonetheless🙏


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