#570 – Bersham Colliery 1

I’ll post a bit of history in the next post, but in this one I want to talk about the photographic aspects of this photograph.

As this was going to be part of my ongoing colliery headgear project, I needed a featureless sky. Didn’t matter whether it was a clear blue sky or an overcast one, it just needed to be devoid of variation.

The weather forecast promised sunny day with some cloud, and a moderate breeze. That will do, I thought. So I was disappointed when I arrived to find the aforementioned moderate breeze blowing broken cloud across a blue sky more or less constantly. This meant that the sky behind the headgear was never consistently blue or consistently white – exactly what I didn’t want. I hung round for nearly an hour, constantly watching the sky, until i noticed a small, but fairly solid bank of cloud heading past.

I composed, waited and then took about 6 shots with the long awaited white canvas behind, before the cloud started to break up and blue sky emerged yet again. Didn’t matter, the photograph was in the bag.

Ideally, I’d have photographed Bersham (or one of the others) from the other side so as to get an even number facing each other, but that want possible. Plenty more (well, a few) to go though.

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