#553 – Horwich Loco Works – The End

I first visited here as a child on the last works open day in the early 80’s, and then again ten years later at the weekly car boot sale (wish I’d taken my camera….). I visited again in 2010 when the works was largely intact but gradually the site has been demolished. Before the last bit of the erecting shop was cleared in Janaury 2020, I managed to get a last look. This was the very top end of the shop, and the wall at the far end was built in the late 70’s when the building was severed to put in a traverser to bring locomotives into the shed, thus reducing the length of what was once a 1500 foot building (this being the shorter end of the shop – see my post from 2010 for a shot from the other end).

And that’s that – by the time you read this, this view will be rubble.

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