#547 – Review of the decade – 2015

Another demanding year – my grandmother’s health faded further and she sadly died in November. Overseas travel continued but the project was starting to wind down so I transferred to a different role. I started to pick up some momentum with my photography again with a couple of trips to North Wales and a couple of visits to Leigh.

Pen-yr-Orsedd Quarry – March 2015

A nice relaxedvisit with the lovely Iain Robinson who is local to the area and knew the site. Unfortunately the explore was curtailed by workers turning up on site which was entirely unexpected as it was a Saturday. Another one that I should really pay another visit to.

Valley Works – October 2015

A mildly interesting place, certainly one with a lot of history. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the tunnels, so definitely worth another look if I can arrange it. Again, Not much will have changed here.

Leigh Spinners – July / October 2015

I visited Leigh Spinners shortly before restoration started, and since then things have moved on considerably. The engine house has been fully restored and the mills have passed into the ownership of the Leigh Historic Buildings Trust. It’s nice to report on a success story!

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