#545 – Review of the decade – 2014

A third barren year in succession – when will the tide turn? Time moves on and my daughter started school, business travel overseas and my grandmother’s ongoing struggle with dementia meant that again my priorities were elsewhere. But two sites visited meant a 100% improvement on 2013!

Cwm Bychan Ropeway – May 2014

I’ve not been back but it’s safe to assume very little has changed here!

Vernon Carus Penwortham Mill – September 2014

I first explored here in 2007 just after it closed, and hadn’t been back since, even though it’s just up the road from where I live. I found a weed strewn wasteland where the weaving sheds, offices and outbuildings once were, and the main mills were heavy vandalised. Big changes since then – the mills were demolished in 2019 and the site will soon have houses built on it.

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