#535 – Teesside Landscapes


I saw this small copse of trees that looked entirely dead, and noticed the juxtaposition of the Teesside chemical industry in the distance. Whether I was looking at the cause and effect in the same scene, I don’t know, but that sky was begging to be photographed so I just needed some subject matter below it. I’d liked to have been able to compose this better with a telephoto lens but for the fact there is a 50mph road adjacent which made the getting the ideal composition somewhat life threatening. A pity, as it just needs the chimneys to be a little bigger in the frame. The marshy grassland isn’t as agrarian as you think, it is all owned by petro-chemical companies and contains underground storage and pipelines.



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  1. Yes, I do understand what you mean.. Anyway, I should watch this on a big screen and not on a tablet…

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    1. andy says:

      Thanks Katriina! Definitely best viewed on a bigger screen!


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