#529 – Old Negative Scans Part 9 Belmont Bleachworks

Taken on a snowy Christmas Day in the early 2000’s when the bleachworks was still active, this was sadly the only photograph I got of the place before it closed. While it fundamentally still exists as a small business park, the chimney has gone, the units have been clad in some awful metal cladding and houses have been built on the old car park in front of the mill lodge. Lancashire’s valleys used to have loads of these little bleachworks, dyers, paper mills and cotton mills (the other works in Belmont is long gone) but there are very few left now.

Belmont Bleachworks

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  1. At least one picture taken. Lovely snowy landscape.

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    1. andy says:

      Thanks Katriina, I wish I’d taken more now. The place is still there but it has changed so much that the essence of what it was has disappeared.

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      1. I know the feeling. I have taken a photo or two of some places without thinking that it might be gone. I have watched my shots later and wished I had photographed more. But you don’t think that way, do you?


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