#528 – Old Negative Scans Part 8 – Huncoat Power Station


I made a few trips to Huncoat Power Station, as it was dead easy to explore and only about 30 minutes drive away. The first trip I primarily shot colour film (which I’ve not re-scanned yet, but my original scans from 10 or so years ago are here) and just a few black and white which you’ll find in this blog post.


This fence was somewhat porous, in fact it had been simply pulled down in several locations, thus allowing unhindered access to the site.


There’s always a shoe. There’s always a f*cking shoe.


Big cast iron plates – possibly for plant and equipment to be mounted on.


I took an almost identical shot digitally, but the camera struggled with the dynamic range and burnt out some of the sky – not an issue with film.

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  1. “There’s always a f*cking show.” I love that! Well, you really have to have something in the foreground to make a picture more interesting. Be grateful for the lonely shoe! 🙂

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    1. andy says:

      I know, maybe I’m just unconsciously attracted to them! 😄

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