#524 – Old Negative Scans Part 4 – Royd Edge Mills

Royd Edge Mills Scan-2

Another day, another ruined Yorkshire mill. This was Royd Edge Mill in Meltham, previously home to Brook Dyers, and it had been closed for 8 years when I visited in 2007. Needless to say, it had been heavily vandalised and was pretty stripped out but I got a few good photographs from my digital camera that you can find on my website here.

I didn’t take many on film, so this is basically it.Royd Edge Mills Scan-4I took an identical version digitally which came out better due to getting more depth of field and the front of the roller in focus. Royd Edge Mills Scan-5Royd Edge Mills Scan-6

One of several roof collapses, not uncommon in bleachers and dyers it seems. Someone once told me it was something to do with the heat and moisture from the process and the place cooling down after it closed. No idea if that’s true or not.

Royd Edge Mills Scan-7Pretty much the only external shot of the building I took. Not much of any architectural merit to be fair, just a long stone shed with some offices and a boiler house at the other end.

Royd Edge Mills Scan-3


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