#523 – Old Negative Scans Part 3 – Ivy Bank Mills

Ivy Bank Mill Howarth Scan-1Ivy Bank Mill Howarth Scan-3aIvy Bank Mill Howarth Scan-11aIvy Bank Mill Howarth Scan-13a

Ivy Bank was another ruinous death trap, and I loved it so much I visited twice! My own personal death wish aside, I found it very photogenic even though I had to watch where I stood – the floor in some areas was distinctly spongy, and I erred on the side of caution and took one step on then backed off.

There’s a full history on my website as well as the digital colour photos I took on this visit. It’s noticeable that the sensor of the Nikon D70 I used has not coped with the skies as well as the film has, but its well known that the earlier generation of digital cameras did not have a great dynamic range. And this is why I returned a few weeks later with a tripod to take bracketed exposures so I could create HDR merges that you will see in the other website gallery here.

Ivy Bank Mill Howarth Scan-16

There were numerous pieces of machinery left in the burnt out section of the mill.



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  1. Keith Miller says:

    Interesting looking place and excellent pics. Very lucky that you managed to get access – most sites like this end up securely closed off behind Heras and chainlink fences.


    1. andy says:

      This place should have been securely closed off, but wasn’t! The gate was open and the doors had been ripped off, which made for easy access, for better or worse.


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