#522 – Old Negative Scans Part 2 – Grove Rake

I’ve covered Grove Rake several times on this blog as it was an interesting site and I made some interesting images. I’ve been twice – 2008 and 2015 – and on the first occasion I took a film camera as well as my digital SLR to record some scenes. It’s a bleak location on the County Durham moorland with the wind howling across the moors and the weather was pretty grim on both of my visits.

As per the last post, these are scans of the negatives that have been worked on in Lightroom.


I’ve managed to recover something from this one in the locker room, but only just. I think the digital one has worked better.


Not a great negative this, I’ve pulled back as much as I can without it looking too shit.

Grove Rake Mine Scan-3

I’ve always thought this photograph didn’t quite work but people have said nice things about it, so maybe I’m wrong.


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