#508 – 500 Post Retrospective – Railways

I don’t do as much railway photography as I used to (or would like to) due to other priorities, but this and the next couple of posts are a selection from the past ten years.

Today’s were all taken on the East Lancs Railway – it maybe not one of the bigger or more prestigious heritage lines, but it’s one of the few in the northwest of England and the biggest. It’s hub is in Bury, and a line goes east from here to Heywood junction where it meets the main line, and north to Rawtenstall. I’ve not spent much time on the Heywood line as there are limited photographic opportunities due to it largely running through urban areas, the exception being the area round the Roch viaduct. The Rawtenstall line has many more photographic opportunities though, so the majority are from this line.


92214, north of Ramsbottom, 27th January 2007


71000 Duke of Gloucester, Roch Viaduct, 20th February 2010


80098 approaching Townsendfold, 24th January 2009


49395, Burrs, 10th November 2011


On the footplate of 49395, 10th November 2011



73129, Burrs, 24th January 2011


73129, Brooksbottom Tunnel, 24th January 2011

nov20th 012 bw

92214, Ramsbottom Station, 20th November 2005


60009 Union of South Africa, Burrs, 15th September 2014


60009 Union of South Africa, somewhere near Burrs, 15th September 2014




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  1. Good stuff. I cannot say which one is my fave shot. I like the viaduct and tunnel shots, the one taken on the footplate and the b/w one (as you might have guessed) plus particularly the first of the two silhouette shots.

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    1. andy says:

      Thanks Katriina. Although I haven’t done much of my own railway photography of late, I do look at other people’s a lot so it was good to go back through my archives and look at 15 years of my own stuff. I think that my favourites are probably the ones taken at night, no doubt informed by my love of the work of O.Winston Link.

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  2. The tunnel and the one of the fella on the platform are nicely atmospheric!

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