#502 – 500 Post Retrospective No.3 – Mining

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Grove Rake (2007 and 2016) – another of those rare places I visited twice. The place had been abandoned for several years before my first visit and was reasonably intact. I visited again in 2016 after the majority of the site had been cleared and the headgear was in danger of demolition. In the end it was saved, but it was interesting to revisit and get some different perspectives on it.




Chatterley Whitfield (2007 and 2016) – one of the other place I’ve been back to, this though on the annual Heritage Open Days.


Clipstone (2010) – the site has been disused since 2003 and although the headstocks are listed, are (or were) under threat of demolition. Regeneration plans in the news though suggest they could actually be used as the focal point of a number of regeneration schemes that are being proposed. Fingers crossed.


Welbeck Colliery (2008) – visited just before it closed, and I never got round to revisiting afterwards. It was nice to just see one of the last remaining working collieries in Britain.

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      Thanks Graham!

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