#457 – Scunthorpe steelworks revisited

DSC_3431While the photographs I present on my websites etc are often heavily processed, they are all ‘straight’ pictures. Recently though, I have been experimenting with textures to see if the addition of these to an image can bring something else to it.DSC_3529

For this experiment, I selected my images of the steelworks at Scunthorpe, a set I took on a tour of the works in 2009. I wondered if the addition of textures would enhance the surreal feeling that surrounds the site – certainly straight out of camera pictures didn’t do justice although the monochrome versions in high contrast were an improvement. I also wanted to give the feeling of a journey of sorts, as they were taken from a train that was moving round the works. I was loosely inspired by the opening sequences of modern TV drama series such as Homeland and Deutschland 83, although I had a fixed number of images and couldn’t go back and shoot more to fill in any gaps in the narrative that I wanted to establish.DSC_3473

Starting with a monochrome version of the original image, I downloaded a texture from the internet, and then created a layer in Photoshop. I then adjusted the opacity and layer type.DSC_3486

I’ve put them all together into a short slideshow on YouTube, but the main output has been a small handmade book of prints – I still prefer the physicality of printed matter!

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  1. Super Slide show, I really enjoyed that. I like the texture idea…it really brings an element of drama. I half expected a grime track instead of the (excellent) Linkin Park) I have been experimenting myself with adding textures to my photos, but in a slightly different way, almost imperceptibly, to emphasise something without resorting to HDR. It’s all part of the creative process, and about getting your vision out there. These are outstanding photos Andy 🙂

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    1. andy says:

      Thanks Iain, thanks for the feedback! I’ve stuck some of these into a handmade book I created and took it to a recent Redeye meeting in Manchester. It got some good feedback there also which was encouraging. Not sure it’s something I’ll do to my photos on a regular basis but it’s another tool in the toolbox!


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