#454 – Lambert Howarth Mill Demolition

I’d read that this mill was being demolished, but hadn’t been able to get over to see it, until demolition was pretty much complete. This is probably the last bit of the Weavers Triangle to be redeveloped, and had been empty since Lambert Howarth closed in 2005 after the owners Lambert Howarth lost a contract with M&S.

I took a photo of it from along the canal in 2006. This was only a small section of it as it occupied sites on both sides of the canal, hence the bridges. Both sites are now gone.

The demolition foreman explained that the building was in a very perilous condition, and was actually swaying. The cast iron pillars that formed its structure were neither riveted nor one piece, which coupled with the rotten floorboards resulted in a very unsafe structure for both walking in but also from a demolition perspective. This was particularly significant given it’s close proximity to the Leeds Liverpool Canal.


‘Exciting’ plans for redevelopment can be found online here and here.

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