#439 – Brierfield Mill Part 6 – The Clock Tower


The clock tower is an interesting focal point from a photographic perspective. However on closer inspection it doesn’t look quite right. Site Supervisor Paul worked in the mill for a large part of his career and is of the opinion that not only is it a somewhat later addition, but that the design was actually intended for the impressive office block at the front of the site on Glen Way. This was extended at some point and the stonework and detailing of that building are identical to the clock tower. Look closely at the tower and the building below and not only is there a mismatch in terms of stonework and detailing, it overlaps into the roof of the building behind. Most odd.


Either way, being slap bang in the middle of the site does allow it to be visible from all over the site for the clockwatchers among the workforce.


The office block at the front of the building.


Note the subtle changes in the architecture between the original building on the left and the more ornate later extension on the right.


And below, a close up of the above shot, note the identical arches over the windows and stonework on the office building and the tower.



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