#435 – Brierfield Mill Part 2 – Views Through a Window


Windows. This composition is something I’ve used successfully over the years and is one I still employ. I’m sure if a psychoanalyst saw them all he would interpret them as the sign of a troubled mind, but it’s just a composition I happen to like.


I wanted to find ways of including the clock tower in the picture, but it unusual positioning made that difficult. But more about the tower in a future post.

These are all the result of an experiment with using the HDR blend feature in Lightroom, from 3 or 5 exposures. I’ve not used any automated HDR for years, as for the most part it looks, well, to be honest, shit.

The result from Lightroom isn’t that bad actually, and is very quick. I would normally blend the exposures manually but window frames are a pain in the backside when it comes to things like this so I let the computer do the blending. It’s something I’ll maybe come back to in the future when I have more time.


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