#428 – Rossendale Mills – Albert Mill, Haslingden 2


Haslingden. Someone once told me that there are only two types of weather in the East Lancashire town of Darwen – rain, or about to rain. In fairness, this is true of most of the East Lancashire mill towns, stuck in their little valleys or clung to hillsides.

From a monochrome photographers perspective this is a boon as it makes for interesting skies. Ok, so maybe I’m perpetuating some visual cliches here, but if such an indulgence is necessary to tell the story, then I’m happy to use them.

(And before the perfectionists tut, yes I know there is some fringing around the chimneys, these shouldn’t be on my finished prints hopefully).

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  1. Gorgeous photo, Andy…what a sky. Your photos become an extension of what the camera has seen, reflecting your character and your love of the Northern mill towns (or what’s left of them!). So very much more than a record shot, or even an attempt at an “arty” shot…this, and images like them hark back to the spirit of Bill Brandt…superb.


    1. andy says:

      Thank you for the kind words Iain! I was fortunate with the sky as although I’d gone expecting fog (as per the forecast) it suddenly began to clear which led to some quite interesting light during the transition. And someone else was comparing it to Bill Brandt’s style the other day as well!

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