#395 – Upcoming talks in March – Huddersfield and Batley

A bit of early warning that I will be presenting my Mechanical Landscapes talk on the follwoing dates:

Tuesday 10th March – Batley Camera Club

Wednesday 18th March – Huddersfield Photo Imaging Club.

I have no more talks scheduled currently, but will consider all offers. My preference is within a 6o minute drive from Chorley. This is due to me being in full time employment, and I travel to venues after a full day at work, but please contact me anyway to see if we can come to an arrangement.



EDIT – I wrote and scheduled this a few weeks ago, and since then have been booked for talks at Burnley, Atherton and Pernrith for 2015 / 2016, but I am always open to approaches for talks at camera clubs and other interested organisations for 2015 and beyond.

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