#345 – Reworked Images 11 – Dinorwic


This is the same scene that I posted up a few posts back, albeit a few feet to the left and a few feet higher up. I’ve not made it as contrasty as the other one as I don’t think it needs it due to it being entirely monochrome. I’m not convinced about the cohesiveness of it, i.e. do all the tonal adjustments hang together? It’s also been suggested that a slight crop could be made as there’s not much going on at either end.

That said, I do like it as I feel it’s got a lot of depth to it, from the railway line in the foreground through to Snowdon in the background. I seem to have a lot of moody skies in my photos, and I do accentuate them somewhat, but quite often they are pretty bleak to begin with as lets face it, the north of England (and Wales) isn’t exactly known for its Mediterranean climate.




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