#344 – Reworked Images 10 – The Gate

DSC_5428-EditOakwood mill is a complete ruin, quite why it’s been deemed worth keeping up rather than being demolished is beyond me, when some magnificent structures elsewhere have been flattened. I didn’t even bother looking for a way in, I took a few externals and moved on to look at other stuff in the area. I quite liked this one of the gate though.
I’ve not done too much to this, local adjustments are tricky when you’ve an image that’s as complex as this in terms of foliage and gate detail. It’s more of an overall contrast boost really, but better for it over all.




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  1. teigl says:

    This is a classic example of how just a few careful and well-thought out adjustments can increase the power of an image so much. In the colour image there is some interest in the green and the brickwork, but not enough rust on the gate to work with. The desat is beginning to tell a story, but this can only be heard/seen after the adjustments to contrast and white balance. Now the windows are balanced by the cobble detail and the lurking shadows under the gate. Result!


    1. andy says:

      Thank you Iain! It just goes to show how different working in black and white is to working in colour. Once the distraction of colour is removed, the initial conversion is very flat, almost like a darkroom negative is before it’s worked. Every black and white image will benefit from some degree of post processing, how much depends on the individuals tastes and what they want to convey with the image.


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