#336 – Mechanical Landscapes – my new website


Sometime in April 2007, in a paradox of high hopes and no expectations, I launched theviewfromthenorth.org. Since then the journey that the website and I have been on has been an interesting one to say the least, and one that shows no sign of coming to an end.

The site has now had over 2 million views, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t much, but for someone like me who is clueless at self-promotion, it’s a landmark I’m proud of. So now seems a great opportunity to launch a new website to complement theviewfromthenorth.org.

I’ve been faffing around with mechanicallandscapes.com since December last year (and have been playing around with the concept for about 3 years) as I’d forgotten just how much work goes into setting up a website especially when you are relying on someone else’s templates and you are trying to make it bend to your will. Still, after much swearing, late nights and many, many changes of mind I now have it looking something like I had in mind.

In some respects it’s the same but different. The site is all black and white, and while a lot of the pictures are in fact the same as on theviewfromthenorth.org, they are often comprehensively reworked or presented for the first time in black and white. The intent, the look and the layout of the site is completely different and is ordered by theme rather than location.

One key difference will be that I am limiting the number of galleries online at any one time, and I will rotate the galleries on a regular basis to keep it fresh. I also intend to have occasional guest galleries as well.

At the moment it’s complete, apart from the long task of captioning several hundred photographs, but I’m getting there.

Please take a look and let me know what you think If you do the social media thing, please use that to share or whatever jiggery pokery you do on twitter, pinterest and all that other nonsense.

So another journey begins, I’ll be interested to see where it takes me this time!


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  1. teigl says:

    I had a good look round your new site…it looks very promising so far, the format and uncompromising mono theme really sets off the work in a dramatic fashion. I like the way you have ordered the galleries, with just enough work in each to make the viewer want more. Nice job.


    1. andy says:

      Thanks Iain, it’s still a little work in progress, but I realised that I couldn’t keep delaying until it was 100% as I wanted. Mind you building a website will always be an iterative process, or so I’ve found. Thanks for visiting!


  2. I had a quick look at your new website – and it looks great. I like the theme of the site and the fact that it’s so easy to navigate. And of course the images are awesome.


    1. andy says:

      Otto, thanks for looking and thanks for the feedback! The comments so far from people who have looked have been positive which is very encouraging given the effort I’ve put in so far.


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