#312 – Mill Yard

I revisited these pictures of Bailey Mill recently and re-processed them more to my liking. The first one is taken from the middle window of the bridge that you can see in the second picture. The bridge was well and truly sealed up at one end, so I couldn’t get into the other building, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen any pictures from that building so it must remain sealed to this day.

I know that I process a lot of my photos in black and white, but there’s something about the textures of stone, especially, dirty, weathered stone like there is here, that suits the medium. But it needs to have contrast, the scans of the black and white film I took here came back very flat, and needed some adjustments to get them looking like I wanted.

As software (and our skills and vision) improves, re-visiting old images is a useful exercise. I posted a while back some images I’d initially discounted, but several years later, looking at them with a fresh pair of eyes, better software and a better understanding of how to use it, resulted in some half decent images. Of course, you cannot polish the proverbial, but a good image is a good image, even if you don’t at first realise its potential.


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