#293 – Re-visiting photos 2

More reworked photos!

These are from Edenwood Mill, which if still standing, must be a pile of soggy wood and rubble as it was in a right state back in 2008.

This one hasn’t really benefitted much from the monochrome conversion compared to some, but the lens corrections have slightly improved things.



The next photos are also taken in Edenwood Mill, in the brick building on the photo above. They are a familiar composition for me – looking out from an internal window, and although I use it a lot, there has to be something outside to actually look at for it to work.


This first one possibly lacks a focal point, and the boarded windows at the top just seem to ruin the photo in colour.DSC_8364-Edit


So here we have the rework. A square crop removes the distraction of the windows adjacent to the central window, and the monochrome conversion has lessened the impact of the boarded windows at the top. If anything, these are now more a part of the overall scene somehow. The possible lack of an exterior focal point is not really an issue, and you can tell that the dark are in the centre is still a river.


Another square crop, and some tweaks to the angle and shape of the window have vastly improved this, in fact it works very well in colour as well, once I’d boosted the contrast and saturation. But the monochrome version has the edge, especially when part of a larger set.DSC_8399-Edit.jpg


So there you have it, images that I initially discarded, but have managed to use. I guess that the lesson here is that, having some time apart from the images can lead you to look at them differently. Also, the judicious use of cropping has transformed the images – there’s still a train of thought which says get it right in camera, which is an admirable sentiment, but if I followed it, I’d need to carry round a square format camera with me everywhere, as well as an SLR.

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  1. Nice work, Andy. The textures in the monochrome versions are wonderful, and, to my eye, colour is definitely a distraction in these examples.


  2. Eddie Devall says:

    Loving these black and white conversions. There is so much more gritty detail to enjoy.


    1. andy says:

      Thanks Eddie, the subject matter does lend itself to monochrome!


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